About Local-AI

Local AI was established in 2023 targeting the implementation of AI and Geo-Analytics projects helping local communities establish Smart & Digital Environments

Observe, Analyze, React

We collect vast amounts of complex heterogeneous geographic data, analyse & correlate them and create insights for urban environment decisions as well as everyday mobility suggestions.

Smart & Climate Neutral Cities 

As stated in https://eurocities.eu/latest/the-100-climate-neutral-and-smart-cities-by-2030/ EU has set an ambitious mission “Net Zero Cities” that 100 of its cities (Athens, Ioannina, Kalamata, Kozani, Thessaloniki and Trikala among them) shall be Climate-Neutral by 2030. This objective needs citizen motivation in order to adopt new mobility habits. This change cannot happen by authoritative measures, and it is not feasible to transform all our cities with dedicated bike and pedestrian routes. Local AI can help promoting a greener way for urban mobility.

EasyRide Green Mobility

EasyRide will give the end user the possibility of navigating through the city in which the choice of route will be based on a series of quality characteristics (difficulty due to inclination, road surface, temperature, noise, quality of urban space, etc.) resulting in an optimal user experience when moving on foot or by bicycle or by other means that does not consume fossil fuels and is used purely for transport or entertainment / sports in and around one City

We process complex data so you can better understand your City sustainability performance.

We transform data to insights.

data is the new oil: Just like oil, raw data isn’t valuable in and of itself; rather, the value is created when it is gathered quickly, completely, and accurately, and connected to other relevant data

Konstantinos Vlachodimitropoulos CTO

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Contact us for a detailed consultation about the available datasets and delivery options as well as mobile apps for content/solutions delivery.

We can deliver our Software by the SaaS model providing a hassle free operation paradigm.

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